The Gopher Journey: Tracks Your Family's RX History

  • Start by putting medication, vitamins, or food into the GopherCap; important contents you want to track and monitor that require a set schedule
  • GopherCap records every cap opening and once scanned, the dose is  marked as taken
  • GopherCap's history is viewed in its companion GopherCap app, available for free download

Free Gopher Journey App

  • Load the GopherCap app onto your phone and setup details such as medication, dosage and dosing schedules
  • Scan your GopherCap cap by tapping it to your phone’s NFC reader
  • Receive reminders and store feedback
  • Receive alerts if a dose is missed or extra doses were taken

Based on Time Tested, Proven Technology

  • GopherCap is the family health version of the world’s leading smart medication bottle from Information Mediary Corp.The award-winning eCAP™ is widely used in human clinical research.
  • GopherCap helps families, caregivers and pet owners ensure their loved one is cared for and taking medication as prescribed. GopherCap helps kids to manage your pet's medication, and moms everywhere to manage their kids' medication.