GopherCap: Medication Management For The Whole Family, Including Your Pets

Your Journey to Managing Family Meds Has Never Been Easier

Works on Apple iOS (Android coming soon)

3-minute Gopher Tutorial (English)

See how easy it is to let Gopher be your companion along the journey to better medication management.

GopherCap App Instruction (Japanese)

GopherCap App Instruction (Simplified Chinese)

GopherCap App Instruction (Traditional Chinese)

Moms, Dads, and Caregivers

Journey to Better Health

  • Never forget your important family medications again
  • Reminders allow everyone to ensure and document medication adherence
  • GopherCap app allows the parent, or companion to track the progress of their loved one's medication regimen and be assured their family member is being well cared for
  • Kids can be more engaged and feel more responsible when entrusted with their family pet’s medication management. The app is fun to use and works on Android and iOS NFC-equipped devices

The Latest

Professional Users

Veterinary Clinics

  • Vets have shifted their view of responsibility for medication adherence from the pet owner to the veterinary team, and agree that poor adherence is a large problem. GopherCap allows Vets to “own and manage” this problem
  • Veterinary clinics can offer GopherCap to pet owners when prescribing medication as a value added service
  • GopherCap adherence data can be used to help pet owners monitor medication giving
  • Adherence data generated by GopherCap facilitate assessment, management and documentation of therapeutic response
  • GopherCap is especially valuable for long-term, prn and antibiotic medications
  • As a REMS strategy, controlled substances (such as opioids) can be more safely tracked and secured in a GopherCap bottle
  • Optional GopherCap premium app can allow the pet owner, parent, or companion to track the progress of their pet’s medication regimen and be confident their pet is well taken care of

Retail Pharmacy and Pet Store Point of Purchase

  • GopherCap is a high-impact POP item both for pharmacies and pet stores
  • GopherCap can be displayed with other items such as OTC meds, supplements or pet foods, rather than just in accessory display areas

Pharmaceutical, Supplement and Food Manufacturers

  • Vitamins and supplements cost a yearly average of $58 for dogs, $46 for cats, $43 for freshwater fish, $132 for saltwater fish, and $40 for birds. GopherCap is a great way to co-package supplements for pets, promote your product and drive persistence
  • GopherCap is available for co-branding with high value pet foods and supplements
  • The free GopherCap app can be customized to convey additional information, links to contests or other promotions, and augment loyalty programs 

Partnerships in Digital Health

GopherCap Smart Pill Bottle is NFC Forum Certified to work on all compliant devices
Global leader in adherence solutions
Award-Winning Digital Health Data Tools for Managing Adherence
APPA represents more than 1000 pet product manufacturers, importers of pet products and suppliers
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