What is
  • Tracks your pet's medication history
  • Avoid missing doses and extra dosing
  • Download the GopherCap app to your phone
  • Input medication details (drug, dosage, times(s) to take) to the app
  • GopherCap records every cap opening
  • The cap is scanned with your phone to create a medication history
  • Once scanned, the dose is marked as taken
  • Your pet can have GopherCaps for multiple medications
  • The app can be set to send reminders and store feedback about your pet's condition
  • Users can add helpers to the GopherCap app to receive an alert if a dose is missed or extra doses are taken


"GopherCap encourages my son to take responsibility for his dog."

Sue H. Vancouver



  1. Automatically tracks medication usage every time you open the bottle
  2. Users start by transferring their medication or vitamins to the GopherCap bottle, then use the app to input the dosing schedule
  3. Every medication tracked with the Gopher Cap app is recorded, providing adherence rates, and is available for review with your patient
  4. Easily add all your pet’s medication schedules via the app


"Great for vitamins and supplements."

  Alain B. Ottawa


Low cost solution at retail.


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