Phone with GopherCap App Showing

Wild Things are Coming for Veterinary Adherence

Pet Meds Have Never Been Easier to Manage

Phone with GopherCap App Showing
Phone with GopherCap App Showing
Dog and Cat Begging for Attention

Tracks Pet RX History

  • Start by putting medication, vitamins, or food into the GopherCap; important contents you want to track and monitor that require a set schedule
  • GopherCap records every cap opening and once scanned, the dose is marked as taken
  • GopherCap records each opening and is viewed in its companion GopherCap app, available for free download

Free GopherCap App

  • Load the GopherCap app onto your phone and setup details such as medication, dosage and dosing schedules
  • Scan your GopherCap cap by tapping it to your phone’s NFC reader
  • Receive reminders and store feedback
  • Receive alerts if a dose is missed or extra doses were taken
The cap shown next to the app

Based on Time Tested, Proven Technology

GopherCap is the veterinary version of the world’s leading smart medication bottle from Information Mediary Corp.The award-winning eCAP™ is widely used in human clinical research.
GopherCap helps veterinarians, caregivers and pet owners ensure their pet is cared for and taking medication as prescribed. This helps the pet get well sooner, stay healthy longer and enjoy a better quality of life.
GopherCap encourages my son to take responsibility for his dog.

-Sue H. Vancouver


Use Cases for Various Industries

Animals around Gopher Cap Bottles

Veterinary Clinics

  • Vets have shifted their view of responsibility for medication adherence from the pet owner to the veterinary team, and agree that poor adherence is a large problem. GopherCap allows Vets to “own and manage” this problem
  • Veterinary clinics can offer GopherCap to pet owners when prescribing medication as a value added service
  • GopherCap adherence data can be used to help pet owners monitor medication giving
  • Adherence data generated by GopherCap facilitate assessment, management and documentation of therapeutic response
  • GopherCap is especially valuable for long-term, prn and antibiotic medications
  • As a REMS strategy, controlled substances (such as opioids) can be more safely tracked and secured in a GopherCap bottle
  • Optional GopherCap premium app can allow the pet owner, parent, or companion to track the progress of their pet’s medication regimen and be confident their pet is well taken care of
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Retail Pharmacy and Pet Store Point of Purchase

  • GopherCap is a high-impact POP item both for pharmacies and pet stores
  • GopherCap can be displayed with other items such as OTC meds, supplements or pet foods, rather than just in accessory display areas
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Pharmaceutical, Supplement and Food Manufacturers

  • Vitamins and supplements cost a yearly average of $58 for dogs, $46 for cats, $43 for freshwater fish, $132 for saltwater fish, and $40 for birds. GopherCap is a great way to co-package supplements for pets, promote your product and drive persistence
  • GopherCap is available for co-branding with high value pet foods and supplements
  • The free GopherCap app can be customized to convey additional information, links to contests or other promotions, and augment loyalty programs
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Kennels and Pet Caregivers

  • GopherCap provides great value-add to caregivers
  • Allows caregivers to ensure and document medication adherence
  • Optional GopherCap premium app can allow the pet owner, parent, or companion to track the progress of their pet’s medication regimen and be assured their pet is being well cared for
  • Kids can be more engaged and feel more responsible when entrusted with their family pet’s medication management. The app is fun to use and works on Android and iOS NFC-equipped devices
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I am so busy, I was forgetting if I fed my fish.

-William J. Quebec

Health-Cost Trends

Human and Pet Health-Cost Trends are Strikingly Similar

Low cost solution at retail.

Research shows that 95% of Americans consider their pet to be a member of the family, up from 88% in 2007. To further this notion of the pet as a family member, 45% of pet owners admit to buying birthday presents for their pets with 31% saying they cook for their pet. It is no coincidence that pet healthcare costs are increasing at a time when pets are increasingly been seen as part of the family. Are Pets Really Family?
68 % of American families own a pet according to the APPA Pet Owners Survey. There has also been a systematic annual increase in expenditures on pet care from $43.2 BN in 2008 to $69.51 Bn in 2017 and a predicted $72.13 Bn for 2018. An FTC study indicated that prescription and OTC pet medications accounted for $7.6 Bn in 2013 and were estimated to increase to $10.2 Bn by 2018 (Competition in the Pet Medications Industry, Federal Trade Commission Staff Report. May, 2015).

Companion Animals

Households Owning43,346,000
Per Household1.
Vet Visits2.
Vet Costs$378$191$33$373
Historically, Vets have dispensed most medications, which they receive from Pharma distributors. Meds account for approximately 20% of veterinary revenues, and over half of all pet medications are dispensed by Vets. However, this is changing as Vets are increasingly in competition with other dispensers. Now, human and specialty veterinary pharmacies dispense about 30% and online sales are coming on strong at approximately 15% (2017-2018 APPA Pet Owners Survey).
Graph showing Total Health Animal Market Size
Nonadherence with prescribed medication is acknowledged as a huge problem for human treatment, with patients being between 50 and 65% adherent, according to a 2003 WHO report. It has been extrapolated that nonadherence similarly affects pet pharmacotherapy. The uncertainty created by nonadherence interferes with making accurate decisions about treatment response.
Great for vitamins and supplements.

-Alain B. Ottawa

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